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Food Supplies at Vidyasagar Sishu Sikshya Niketan, Jodugora.
December 11, 2016

Since our last visit at Ajodhya school we have started sharing partial food costs of the breakfast and evening snacks of the 900+ boarders. This has been made with an aim to provide better nourishment for the children. We provided books for the library at the school. We are also providing 90+ woolen garments for the children.

Food Supplies at Jodugora

Provision of cotton mattress (toshak) at Bartar
December 10, 2016

Team RKMVP'85 visited Bartar Saradamoni Misison and found that this school has made much progress since May 2016. A water filtration plant has been setup, a piped gas-supply is in place, and an ambulance has been procured by donation to support the children and the villages. A big playground is being erected; the school is being double-storied. We provided books for the library at the school and we decided to provide 42 cotton mattresses for the school children.

Toshaks at Bartar

Measuring growth at Puncha Nabadisha Model School
December 9, 2016

We have been providing various kind of support to the school for last six months, amongst many-many others who are supporting here too. In December, 2016 we again visited this school and thought of documenting the growth of the children here. So we took weight, height, classes they are studying in, names of parents, villages they come from and their proficiencies. We made provisions so that these are recorded every 3 months. The details can be viewed here

We also gave 51 woolycot dresses for the children, a football and 26 cotton mattresses (toshak) this time.

We also met the BDO and Circle Inspector of Puncha requesting them to support the initiaves of the school.

Measuring growth at Puncha

দুঃস্থ পড়ুয়াদের পাশে পুরুলিয়া রামকৃষ্ণ মিশনের প্রাক্তনীরা
October 14, 2016

মাঝে মাঝে মিলিত হয়ে শুধু নিজেদের পুরানো স্মৃতি রোমন্থন করা বা সম্পর্ক ঝালিয়ে নেওয়া নয়। পিছিয়ে পড়া দুঃস্থ গ্রামীণ পরিবারের শিশুদের পড়াশুনায় সাহায্যের হাত বাড়িয়ে দিতে সংগঠন তৈরি করেছেন পুরুলিয়া রামকৃষ্ণ মিশন স্কুলের প্রাক্তনীরা। ১৯৮৫ সালে এই স্কুল থেকে পাশ করা ছাত্ররা কয়েক যুগ পর একজোট হয়েছেন এই উদ্দেশ্যে। পুরুলিয়ার প্রত্যন্ত গ্রাম পুঞ্চায় একটি স্কুলের শিশু পড়ুয়াদের দু’বেলা খাবারের ব্যবস্থা করেছেন প্রাক্তনীরা। পিছিয়ে পড়া শবর পরিবারের ছাত্র-ছাত্রীরা পুঞ্চা নবদিশা মডেল স্কুলে নিখরচায় পড়াশুনা করে। সম্পূর্ণ ব্যক্তিগত উদ্যোগে দেনা ও নিজস্ব সঞ্চয়ের অর্থে এই স্কুলটি চালান কলকাতা পুলিশের এক কর্মী। তিনিই এই স্কুলটি তৈরি করেছেন। পুরুলিয়া রামকৃষ্ণ মিশনের প্রাক্তন ছাত্রদের সংগঠনের সম্পাদক দেবাশিস ঘোষ জানিয়েছেন, খাবারের ব্যবস্থা না করলে দুঃস্থ শবর পরিবারের শিশুদের স্কুলে ধরে রাখা সম্ভব নয়।...

দুঃস্থ পড়ুয়াদের পাশে...

Distribution of Dresses at Puncha Nabadisha Model School on Durga Puja Eve
October 1, 2016

Team RKMVP'85 visited Puncha Nabadisha Model School on 1st October 2016 and distributed the dresses and chocolates to the children on the eve of Durga Pujas. We sourced dresses from manufacturers so at a low cost we could could give all of the children good dresses.

Dress Distribution at Puncha

Vidyasagar Sishu Sikshya Niketan
December 13, 2015

In serene Jodugora village, atop Ajodhya hills in Purulia district of West Bengal, a young team lead by Binod ... has done wonders! They are running a school for local tribals quite on their own. About 100 students are studying here and of them 70% are boarders. The school has built up class rooms, a sprawling compound, own cattle, solar panels over years. And a zeal to give quality education at that remote place. We visited the school in November and found that the boys and girls are having a tough time combating biting cold of the hills. We thought of making an immediate small contribution in the form of quilt and mattresses till we plan something more..

Help in creating alternate livelihood

Bartar Saradamoni Mission
May 28, 2016

This school is about 20 km from Purulia Town in a rustic village near Chas More. The school was established in 2003 and is operating from Nursery 1 through class 10, affiliation is till class VIII. The school is run by a feisty lady called ‘Mamoni’ by everybody over here. Mamoni is a Mathematics graduate herself.

We found that the campus is fairly organized over the years and has a sprawling compound spread over a bigha of land. There is about 20% greenery and good amount of vegetables are produced locally. About 350 students in the 12 classes with higher number at the lower sections petering to just 4 in class X. Of these 55 stay at hostels and rest come from a periphery of about 10 km. Among the boarders 18 are orphans whose entire responsibility is undertaken by the school.

There are about 25 full time staff including 7 lady teachers for classes till 5, 9 more teachers for higher sections 2 cooks, 2 managerial staff and 5 sundry other staff. The attendance is over 85% everyday. 4 meals are supplied every day.

Total collection is about 16.5 lakhs and expense about 20 lakhs per year. So there is a cash deficit of 4-5 lakhs per year. This is met by gap funding mainly from donors in kind and cash and the developmental expenses are met by project funding.

The main asset of the school is ‘Mamoni’ herself who is quite energetic, well-read, with good amount of dedication and zeal. She is quite a speaker herself and is marketing savvy and has commendable managerial capacity which has resulted in getting this school organized in this 13 years.

We found there is a problem of students in keeping their books and belongings, so we provided 5 book shelves with 30 lockers each.

Help installing a solar system at Bartar

Puncha Nabadisha Model School
May 28, 2016

This school is about 50 km from Purulia in backward area of Puncha dominated by 'Sabar' tribe. The school is exclusively for Sabar children whom the families cannot support. Total 47 children of age 6-13 are here. Rather than a school this can be termed as a ‘home’ for abandoned or nearly abandoned children. So naturally the most emphasis is on feeding them and keeping them rather than on study.

It is all the more tough as this is run by complete individual initiative of a Kolkata Police constable Arup Mukherjee who is trying to help out due to ‘passion’.

We found feeding the children wholesome meal regularly is a real problem with single handed effort. So we committed to take responsibility of providing food to the 50 children and staff for minimum one year.

Buy food packets for Sabar Children