Nourishment Food Packet/s at Puncha

Sabars are traditionally dependent upon forests for living. Having deprived of livelihood and without alternatives, they took to criminal ways of life and branded criminal tribe by British. Situation hasn't changed a bit even now. With no or little livelihood a Sabar child is easily trafficked.

'Puncha Nabadisha School' is trying to change things. They have accomodated 50 Sabar children aged 6-13 years in a home and teaching and feeding them.

Feeding a child a basic meal costs minimum Rs 600 per month. A wholesome meal recommended by WHO would be Rs 1000. RKMV'85 has been supporting the efforts of Nabadisha since July 2016.

Would you be interested to take charge for some of the children?


Project Map Puncha Nabadisha Model School

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