An initiative by Ramakrishna Mission Vidyapith Purulia, 1985 Batch


Bhusan, Bhadu and Sudeb of Puncha could give a new life to their children if we could teach them alternate livelihoods. There could be a lot saving of meagre resources at Bartar school if solar powered electric supply system could be installed. There are such small and small needs which we can easily support. And with 'your' support these people can look for a better tomorrow. So why not take up or share ownership of a project!

dress for kids

Clothing: New Dress for Festival

While we celebrate festivals with splendour, in many areas we work, people struggle for food. Dress is a luxury. Trying to change, we source dress from manufacturers who sell us at just cost+ at Rs 100-200/piece for 6-13 year children and are able to donate to many of these people and their children at low cost.

Buy the kids new dress

food packets

Food: Packet/s at Puncha

Sabars, traditionally dependent upon forests for living. Having deprived of that & without alternatives, they are in trouble. Getting food, firewood is daily concern for them. 'Puncha Nabadisha' is trying to change things. Feeding a child costs minimum Rs 600/mon. Would you be interested to take charge for some?

Buy food packets for Sabars


Saving: Install Solar Electricity System

Bartar Saradamoni Mission in Purulia has done wonders running a school in a difficult terrain for 350 children including 18 orphans. But they end up with deficit of Rs 5 lakh/year. This is met by gap-funding through donations. A 15 Kw solar system costing Rs 6 lakh could give them a saving of Rs 20000 per month.

Install a solar system at Bartar

jute bagmaking

Livelihood: Training in Bagmaking

Revati Ho's daughter is attending school, but she has to strap on her litte son in search of livelihood. Could Revati's life also change out of same school? Perhaps... if we could provide an alternative skill training? A jute bag sewing machine along-with startup kit will cost just Rs 10,000.

Buy Revati a jute-bag machine