An initiative by Ramakrishna Mission Vidyapith Purulia, 1985 Batch


We have been providing various kind of support to the school for last six months, amongst many-many others who are supporting here too. In December, 2016 we again visited this school and thought of documenting the growth of the children here. So we took weight, height, classes they are studying in, names of parents, villages they come from and their proficiencies. We made provisions so that these are recorded every 3 months. The details can be viewed here

22 girls and 26 boys were enumerated. 4 girls were absent. Total 52 are enrolled between aged 2 and 12. Six of these are tiny kids and don't go to school, 7 in class 1, 4 in class 2, 15 in class 3, 4 in class 4, 8 in class 5, 6 in class 6, 2 in class 7. All of them go to just nearby primary or nearby middle school.

We also gave 51 woolycot dresses for the children, a football and 26 cotton mattresses (toshak) this time.

We also met the BDO and Circle Inspector of Puncha requesting them to support the initiaves of the school.

9 December 2016