An initiative by Ramakrishna Mission Vidyapith Purulia, 1985 Batch

About RKMVP ’85

Us that is. Most of us started our journey together a fine morning in January 1978 at Ramakrishna Mission Vidyapith Purulia

Many joined later and some left. At a final count 116 of us studied together at some point of time. Now we are spread out throughout world doing our best in our field of work. We had been taught discipline, we learnt camaraderie and we have made best use of both.

30 years after parting at school is something to reflect upon and think what more we can do in the rest one-third of our life. We thought of creating this organisation 'Ramakrishna Mission Vidyapith Purulia, 1985 Batch' to support efforts of grassroots activists who are trying to bring change in society through educational, health and such other activities.

This team has around 1000 man-years experience in providing leadership, entrepreneurship, different areas of consultancy to leading companies of the world, educational & social institutions, various governments and organisations. Now we are venturing into social-engineering!

We look forward to individuals, companies and institutions partnering with us in providing support to the grass root social-entrepreneurs.

Registration: S/2L No 57060 of 2016-17 from Registrar of Firms, Societies & Non-trading Corporation, West Bengal
PAN: AACAR8370D from Income Tax Department, Govt. of India
UAN: WB10D0004088, Udyog Aadhar from MSME Department, Govt. of India
NGO ID: WB/2016/0103571 from NGO Darpan, by NITI, Govt. of India


At reunion at our Alma Mater

Brainstorming at our office!

16 of us together..

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We have been supporting following schools at Purulia district of West Bengal with food supplies, woolen garments for winter, infrastructure facilities and some more.

Thank you again, from team RKMVP85!